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So many people have that thin stylized fish symbol on their cars, but do you know where that came from and how it came to be a symbol of Christianity? In the years following Jesus’ death, there was heavy persecution of any who followed his teachings. In order to find ways to meet other Christians and find ways to worship, they would trace a fish symbol in the dirt with a foot, then wipe it away before anyone else saw. The fish symbol was picked not only because it was easy to trace with one’s shoe, but because Jesus called all his followers to be “fishers of men.” If you feel called to share your religious beliefs with others, say so with your car, your motorcycle jacket, your water bottle, or whatever you choose! At Crazy Sticker Guy, we carry a range of religious stickers and Christian decals as well as motorcycle vest patches so you can show your faith to those around you.

Spread The Message

Christians were called by Jesus to spread his message. If you are taking up that calling, there are more ways to do that than just speaking of it to everyone you meet. Crazy Sticker Guy carries an array of different Christian and religious decals so you can share your belief in your home, on your car, or however else you choose to spread The Word. Are you an avid motorcycle rider? Shop our motorcycle vest/jacket patches! Get a Celtic cross or a “Jesus Fish” magnet to serve as an awareness and support reminder. Shop Crazy Sticker Guy for religious stickers, decals, patches, and magnets below!