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Are you an AR 15 fanatic or do you prefer a concealable pistol? Whatever your preference, if you are a gun aficionado and proud of your right to bear arms, let your voice be heard! Every presidential election, the topic of gun control becomes a central point of debate and, for many, the right to bear arms is an inalienable right, just as much as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At Crazy Sticker Guy, we make it easier to get your pro-gun opinions out there with gun- and firearm-themed magnets, signs, stickers, and decals.

Second Amendment Rights

As a gun owner and aficionado, we’re sure you know the content of the second amendment. Use your rights as a voting citizen to let your voice be heard - and use your car or fridge as a way to raise awareness! At Crazy Sticker Guy, we offer a variety of pro-gun sticker options so you can proudly display a second amendment sticker or get a gun bumper sticker to warn drivers that odds are good you’re armed.

What’s Your Caliber?

If you’re less interested in making a political statement with your vehicle, shop our sticker shop’s selection of humorous and serious gun-related bumper stickers and magnets. With our gun-themed options, you can let all the drivers around you know that there is a “crazy gun nut on board” or that the “driver shoots first and asks questions later.” Choose from a variety of bumper stickers and gun-shaped magnets from the Crazy Sticker Guy’s gun-related selection below!