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As kids, so many of us are told, “you have to be an adult to do that.” Well, now that you’re an adult, use your right to free speech however you choose! Crazy Sticker Guy carries a wide variety of adult-themed stickers and decals that include everything from funny foul language bumper stickers to drugs and sexual decals. Whether you really want drivers to back off your car or you prefer a bit of swearing with your humor, shop Crazy Sticker Guy’s array of offensive stickers and bumper stickers here!

Drugs Stickers

Legalizing a certain leafy green substance has been a huge point of debate for our country in recent years, especially now that a handful of states successfully making it legal and enjoying the tax benefits. If you’re pro-legal weed, start that conversation and show support where you live with weed bumper stickers from Crazy Sticker Guy! Or, if you’re a Bob Marley fan and you find value in smoking and chilling out, we’ve got weed bumper stickers for that too!

Foul Language and Sexual Content

Sometimes, the most humorous way to say something is also the crudest. If you love a hilarious bumper sticker, shop Crazy Sticker Guy’s selection of offensive bumper stickers and decals for everything from cursing-laden signs for your home to funny but offensive decals and bumper stickers for your car. If you own your own business, warn off shoplifters with a bit of crude humor or use our hilariously offensive signs to make your room your own. No matter what your preference, Crazy Sticker Guy has the funny offensive stickers and signs for you!